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DOAHL Academy is a dance school in Markham, Ontario offering styles in Hip Hop, African Dance, Ballet, Tap, Contemporary, Lyrical, Musical Theatre and Acro, to students age 4 and up. 


DOAHL stands for Dance On A Higher Level. And in 2003, our family-owned school was born from our genuine love for the art of dance. We’re proud our studio is a diverse and fun place that reflects family values, and gives students of all ages and skill levels the opportunity to learn a range of dance techniques from our team of skilled instructors. 

We're Parents Too 

We strongly believe that dance should be for everyone, but touring as professional dancers definitely made us aware that some popular lyrics, costumes and dance moves are inappropriate for kids. Are those tiny shorts and exposed midriffs really creating a better performance? We don’t think so. That’s why at DOAHL we review everything from choreography to costumes to musical selections with our “critical parent eyes” to ensure they are fun and cool yet age appropriate (and family-friendly). 


We take pride in making choices that enhance the “spirit” of dance in our students not exploit them. Still have questions or concerns? Let us put your mind at ease.

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We’re Dancers - We Understand the Industry

We both started dancing with legendary Hip Hop choreographer Luther Brown from So You Think You Can Dance Canada and Next Generation, and our careers took us to places we never thought possible! It even brought us together as a couple (that’s a whole other story). Now we want to give back some of the incredible blessings dance has given to us by passing on our knowledge, expertise and passion to our own kids and to yours.  We hope to be able to welcome you to the DOAHL family but in the meantime, please check out our classes.


“No one can arrive from being talented alone, work transformes talent into genius.”

                  -Anna Pavlova, 


Greg & Charlene Hines

Founders & Owners, DOAHL Academy

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DOAHL Dance Academy

50 Anderson Ave,Markham, ON, L6E 1A5

P:(647) 285-8972 | E:dance@doahl.com